The Pit and the Pendulum
Poe, Edgar  Allan

Published: 1842
Categorie(s): Fiction, Horror, Short Stories

About Poe:
Edgar Allan Poe was an American poet, short  story writer, playwright, editor, critic,  essayist and one  of the  leaders of the  American Romantic Movement. Best known for his  tales  of the  macabre and  mystery, Poe was  one of the early  American practitioners of the short  story  and  a pro- genitor of detective fiction  and  crime  fiction.  He  is also  credited with contributing to the  emergent science  fiction  genre.Poe died  at the  age of
40. The cause  of his death is undetermined and  has been attributed to al- cohol, drugs, cholera, rabies, suicide (although likely to be mistaken with his  suicide attempt in  the  previous  year),  tuberculosis, heart   disease, brain  congestion and other  agents. Source: Wikipedia